How can I check my renewal or billing date?

This information is available to you on the Billing page.

Why can I not log in?

Your username and password are case sensitive. Please make sure your caps is not on when typing.

If you have forgotten your username or password click the Forgot Your Username or Password link, enter the email associated with your account, an email will be sent with a new password and/or your username. You may then change your password once you are logged in.

How to do I change my Username, Email, Password, etc.?

You may change your email and password on the Account Details page, click the appropriate link and follow the instructions.

However your username may not be changed. If you need to change your username please contact us at info@wlsingles.com

Updating Personal Information

You may update your personal information, name and address, on the Account Details page.


Adding photos can be quick and easy. Make sure you are logged in, click on the Photo tab and follow the instructions there.

If you notice that your photo has been removed from your profile, please remember we reserve the right to remove any photos we deem inappropriate, rules of acceptable pictures are located on the Photo's page and the Terms and Conditions of Service page.


You may add people to your Favorite board by clicking the Add to Favorites image “” located on the Search page, on a member's profile page, and on your Nudges board.

To remove, simply check the box beside the one you want to remove and click “Delete”

When you add someone to your Favorites it will show on their Who's Favorited Me board

Blocking and Unblocking a Members

You may block members from showing in your searches.

To do so click on the Block Member image “” located on the Search page, a member's profile page, and your Nudges board

To Unblock someone, go to your Blocked Board, select their checkbox and click “Unblock”.

Who's Viewed Me

You may see who has viewed your profile by clicking the Who’s Viewed Me link on your Home page under the Stats section in the Quick Info box.


What are Nudges:

Nudges are used to let a member know you are interested in them, if they in turn are interested in you they may except your Nudge and send you a message. Once a Nudge has been accepted you are free to openly communicate with that person.
How to Nudge:

In order to Nudge a member click on the Nudge image “” located on the Search page and the member's profile page.
Accepting a Nudge:

Once you have been Nudged a new Nudge block with the Nudging member will appear on your Nudge board and, if you have selected, an email will be sent to the email associated with your account. Click on the Accept Nudge image “”. Once you have accepted the Nudge open communication is allowed and you may send messages to that member.

To view your Nudges, once logged in click on the Nudges link in the top bar. Here you will see all your Nudges, if you have accepted Nudges a green check mark will appear “” and a envelope “” will be in the list of icons under the members address, at this time you may send a message.

An envelope with a Stop sign “” indicates that the member has stopped open communication with you and you will no longer be able to contact that member until they remove you from their blocked list. WLSingles will NOT over-ride that member's decision to block you.

Creating Your Profile

To create your profile, once logged click on the Profile link in the top bar and click on Edit Profile, there are 6 tabs each for a different category: About Me, Appearance, Background/Values, Interests, Relationships, About My Match.

Fill out as much information as you wish but remember the more information supplied the easier it is for your match to find you.

Contacting Us

You may contact us at info@wlsingles.com or on our Contact Page.


In order to send a Message to a member they must have either Nudged you and you accepted or you Nudged them and they accepted. To send a new Message you click on the Message image “” located on the Search page, the member's profile page or on your Nudge board.

To View a Message, once logged in click on the Message link in the top row, then click the Subject of the message.

You may delete Messages by selecting the message's checkbox and clicking Delete or if you have the Message open you may click the “Delete Message” button at the bottom of the message.

To stop someone from Messaging you need to block them, once blocked they will no longer be able to contact you and your profile will be hidden from their searches.

Closing Communication

To close communication with a Member go to their profile and click on the Block image “”. They will no longer be able to contact you and your profile will be hidden from their searches. You may reverse this action by Unblocking them on your Blocked Board.

Emails From WLSingles

We will send you emails when:

  • You have a new Message
  • You have a new Nudge
  • There are updates to our Site
  • For Billing

If you prefer to opt of these you may do so on the Account Details tab and under the Communication box.

Cancel your account:

You may cancel your account at anytime. Please see our Terms and Conditions of Service regarding cancelations.

To do so you must login, go to the Billing tab, click on the ‘Here’ under the Monthly Membership box and then follow the instructions.