About Us


wlsingles.com is a dating community created for men and woman who have dedicated their lives to a healthy lifestyle. Those who have made significant changes in their lives to lead a healthy, active life and are looking for a partner or friend who understands and is accepting of these changes. We understand that dating in and of its self is difficult especially when others don't understand the lifestyle and the commitment made to being healthy. Whether our customers find a significant other or a great gym partner, we will consider that a success!!

We are a new dating community and are striving for success and our customer's happiness by working toward offering better communications through email, instant messaging and chat rooms. We look forward to hearing from our users on how to make their dating community efficient. This will lead to more matches and better potential for you to find that life partner you are seeking for.


wlsingles.com's mission is to serve as an online dating community for singles who are looking for a significant other with a healthy lifestyle in common. Whether a successful weight loss has been accomplished, the journey to losing weight and being fit has just begun or a life long healthy lifestyle is in place and you are looking for someone to go on that journey with you.


Headquartered in North Carolina